Monday, March 5, 2018

Moose and Potato Pie

A friend who knows I like wild meats gave me a gift of moose meat that a relative bottled and canned in Labrador, Canada. We were having LDS missionaries over for dinner and I like to serve wild meat to them when they come. It makes them want to come to our house for dinner and gives them something fun to write home about. 
Bottled moose
Canned moose
Judy volunteered to make a moose and potato pie. We opened both the bottled moose and canned moose and mixed them together with peas, onions, carrots and zucchini and I'm not sure what else, Judy did it while I was at work. 
Moose mixed in with vegetables. 
She made a pie crust for the base, put in the meat and vegetable mixture, then covered it with mashed potatoes and put in in the oven to bake. 
Pie crust
Finished product covered with mashed potatoes.
The end product was great. The moose meat, which tasted a lot like canned beef, was moister and more flavorful and the mashed potatoes added a wonderful flavor and softer mouth feel. 
Cross-section of the pie.
It was a marvelous use of the moose meat. 

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  1. It was nice to have a meat pie, something I haven't made in probably two decades.