Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Eurasian Collared Dove - Uzbekistan

I've posted previously on the Eurasian collared dove that I've seen in southern Arizona and Mexico and I also did a post on 12 of the Eurasian collared doves that were shot in Arizona and that I plucked and cooked. This post is on the doves we saw recently in Uzbekistan. 
It is gray/buff to pinkish gray and has a blue/gray patch under the wing. The tail feathers are gray/buff above and dark gray tipped white below. It has a black half-collar on the nape edged in white. It has red legs and a black bill. The iris is red, but looks black at a distance. The eye is surrounded by an area of bare skin that looks white, or yellow in a different subspecies. 
They were introduced into North America in the 1980s and is now found in almost every U.S. state. 

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