Saturday, May 6, 2017

Moose Sausage

I recently got a moose sausage made from Alaskan moose meat. 
Moose in Denali NP in Alaska.
I had moose sausage four years ago, but this sausage was quite different, more like Polish kielbasa, both from a texture and taste standpoint. The casing and meat were soft, the taste was mild, no gaminess whatsoever, and the spices in the sausage were good, but not overbearing. 
Moose sausage
Moose is one of my favorite wild meats and this just adds to that feeling. 

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  1. Moose sausages, wow! It cannot get any wilder than this. That serving looks delicious. I’d have enjoyed it more had you listed a step-by-step preparation guide