Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Boiled Lobster and Dungeness Crab

I made a trip to Utah and had an evening free to spend with "my girls," my two cute granddaughters, who go by the monikers Squirrel and Bug on the blogosphere. Several times previously I've taken them shopping for food at the local Smith's food store and we've purchased sea food which we've cooked at their home, such as Alaskan king crab legs, shrimp, squid and a small lobster tail. For this trip, I wanted it to be a little more adventurous, I wanted to try cooking live lobster with them. 

When our kids were young they were exposed to live lobster on a number of occasions. There is something quite exciting about holding a live lobster with the huge claws. 
Rachael with my mother and a spiny lobster and some crabs we cooked in San Diego. 
Sam, Andrew and Rachael holding Maine lobsters in Redlands. I love the look on each of their faces.
I scouted out a place in Salt Lake that sells live lobster. I got two - they were large. They also had dungeness crab, so I got one of them too. They had a wonderful boiled octopus so I asked for some of it as well. I called ahead to Nate and asked if he would put the largest pot they have on the stove with water. 

It was fun to see Squirrel's and Bug's eyes grow big as they saw, then held, the crab and lobsters. We watched them change color in the boiling water, then we used kitchen shears to get the meat out. As I pulled the tail off one of the lobsters and started to cut out the tail I was shocked to see Squirrel do the same to the other lobster. No fear. 
Squirrel and Bug pay close attention to the large dungeness crab.
Bug checks out the crab in the pot.
That is one big crab. Eating the crab and lobster side by side - there is no comparison. Lobster is superior in taste and in the amount of available meat. 
Squirrel examines one of the lobsters. 
The color shifts from black to orange in the pot. 
An octopus arm partially sliced. It was very moist and not too rubbery.
We pose in front of our exotic dinner. Kim chee is off to the right. 
Squirrel holds a lobster tail she has liberated from its shell. 
I ordered lobster hats for the occasion. 
This was very fun. I love having a next generation to share some of the fun of food with. 


  1. That last picture is a treasure!

  2. Lucky girls, and lucky Papa to have a reason to indulge in gourmet shellfish every now and then!