Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church - St. Augustine, FL

Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida, was built by St. Augustine benefactor Henry Morrison Flagler. In 1867, when John D. Rockefeller wanted to start an oil refinery and needed capital, he approached Flagler. The resulting partnership of Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler eventually grew into Standard Oil Corporation and Flagler became a rich man. Flagler began spending time in Florida for health reasons and started many business ventures there, including the Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine which is now part of Flagler College. His name is now attached to Flagler County in FloridaFlagler BeachFlagler, ColoradoFlagler Street, the main shopping street in downtown Miami; and Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, among others.  
I really love the outside of Flagler Memorial Presbyterian. Spanish moss hanging from a tree is a nice touch and contrast to the green dome. 
Ogee arches at the front doors give a distinctive Islamic look.  
I absolutely love them, their rust color and the exotic feel they convey.
More of the rust color arches and pillars - viewed from the back side.
Rust colored brick work, various turquoise and greens, and cream elements. 
Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church, also known as Memorial Presbyterian Church, was built in 1889 by Flagler and dedicated to his daughter, Jennie Louise Benedict, who died after childbirth, and her daughter, Margery. "Memorial" in the name is for them. The Flagler Mausoleum was built as part of the church in 1905. 
I believe the mausoleum is the rounded structure to the bottom left. 
After it was finished, the bodies of Jennie and Margery were exhumed from their graves in New York City and interred here. In 1913, when Flagler died after falling down a flight of stairs, he too was interred in the family mausoleum at Memorial Presbyterian and joined Jennie, Margery and his first wife, Mary Harkness. 
Inside the Flagler Mausoleum. Mary Harkness Flagler is buried in the left side of the bench, Jennie Louise Benedict and Margery Benedict are buried in the right side of the bench and Henry Morrison Flagler is buried to the right side out of the photo. 
The top of the mausoleum.
Memorial was inspired by St. Mark's Basilica in Venice and was built using a new construction technique, poured concrete mixed with crushed coquina stone. Many of the architectural details were created with terra cotta. 

From the front of the building. What look like palm trees on a bright gold background. 
The outside of the rose window. 
Beautiful and unusual stained glass within. I'm not sure if this is associated with the rose window above.
A very funky angel. 
Fairly plain inside.
The dome and some vaults.

Inside the dome. The thorns may represent the thorn crown.
A very different niche.
Mosaic floor with inlaid rock center. 
This is one of my very favorite small churches. A jewel in St. Augustine. 


  1. The exterior is gorgeous. Fun to find treasures like this church in your travels.

  2. That exterior is spectacular. The color of the vaults and dome inside appear to be similar to the exterior dome. I love that color of blue.