Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quick Trip: West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia

In October 2013 we flew to Charleston, West Virginia, rented a car and did a circular driving trip, north up through West Virginia into Maryland, east and then south down through Virginia, and west back to Charleston. This post is a summary of that trip with reference to the posts that my wife, Judy, and I did relating to that trip.

After spending the night at a hotel in Sutton, WV, our first full day we drove to Spruce Knob, the high point of the State of West Virginia. We enjoyed the beautiful fall colors and then a snow storm blanketing the ground with snow as we got higher. We drove past the beautiful Seneca Rocks and then visited Blackwater Falls State Park and viewed Blackwater Falls in a snowstorm. We finished the day with dinner at Hellbenders Burritos and stayed the night at Bright Morning Inn in Davis.
     Almost Heaven, West Virginia (Judy)
     Spruce Knob - High Point of West Virginia (Bob)
     Hellbender Burritos - A Gem in the Boonies (Bob)

The next day we drove north to Maryland and visited Antietam National Battlefield, then to Harpers Ferry, WV and an evening ghost tour. That evening we drove to Harrisonburg, VA where we spent the night.
     Maryland: Antietam Battlefield  (Judy)
     Dunker Church - The Battle at Antietam  (Bob)
     West Virginia: Harpers Ferry  (Judy)
     St. Peter's Catholic Church - Harpers Ferry, WV  (Bob)

The following day we drove the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Then to Charlottesville where we visited Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and then the University of Virginia campus. Later we drove to Staunton where we visited the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace and Presidential Library and then saw the play "Return to the Forbidden Planet" at Blackfriar's Playhouse. That night we drove to Lewisburg, WV where we stayed in a Holiday Inn.
     Virginia: Shenandoah National Park and a Bear Sighting  (Judy)
     Black Bear  (Bob)
     Virginia: Jefferson's Monticello  (Judy)
     Thomas Jefferson and Religion  (Bob)
     Staunton, Virginia: Woodrow Wilson's Home  (Judy)
     Staunton, Virginia: Blackfriar's Playhouse  (Judy)

Our final day, we drove to Tamarack in Beckley, WV, a circular venue where arts and crafts are sold. We spent an hour at church in the LDS Beckley Ward, then spent time at the West Virginia Capitol Building and grounds in Charleston. That afternoon we flew from Charleston back home to LAX.
     Charleston, State Capital of West Virginia  (Judy)
     Capitol of West Virginia at Charleston  (Bob)
     Black Squirrel  (Bob)
     Eastern Gray Squirrel  (Bob) 

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