Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fried (Without Breading) Bison Testicle

My previous post was breading and frying a bison testicle. With the remaining bison testicle I decided to cook it without breading it to see how it would compare. This testicle sat in the refrigerator an extra day and lost some blood and some of its firmness. It had the consistency of a firm water balloon. 
As with the previous testicle, I parboiled it for five minutes and it shrunk into a hard round ball (ahem). 
With a knife I opened it up and pulled off the stiff outer membrane and then cut it into thin slices. I then cut the slices into smaller pieces.

Previous to this I cut up three large shallots, seeded and diced one jalapeno, diced up three serrano peppers, diced up a whole head of garlic, three small orange bell peppers and then put them into a frying pan with a liberal sprinkling of rosemary and oregano fused olive oil. I also added a liberal amount of sweet basil and salt and pepper. 
When the vegetable combination had reduced and softened up, to minimize the heat of the peppers, the sliced up bison testicles were salt and peppered and added to the mix. They cooked quite awhile, perhaps ten minutes or more, with the vegetable mix, stirring regularly. 
Once the testicles were reduced and softened, the mix was put on a plate and ready to eat. One question that went through my mind was whether they would have the unpleasant taste and texture of the bull testicles we ate in Nairobi, the only other time I've had testicles that were not breaded. Fortunately, it was quite the opposite experience. Most of the testicle blended in perfectly with the vegetables. There was a little heat, but not as much as you would expect, from the peppers, and it was not only palatable, but very good. The outer layer of the testicles still remained a little rubbery, a little bit like the rubberiness of clams in clam soup, but it all blended in and went very well. This testicle dish rivaled the breaded and fried bison testicles we had at The Fort in Morrison, Colorado, as my favorite. It also called into question for me why the only testicles you find on menus are breaded and fried. 

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  1. Your concoction looked good until you added the final ingredient.