Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Earth Cafe and Deli - Norman, OK

We were on a meat-induced bender: Bbq in Texarkana, bbq in Hot Springs, bbq in Little Rock and steak and lamb fries in Oklahoma City. As much as I love meat, my year-long stint as a vegan gave me a great appreciation and love for vegetables. The only vegetables we'd seen on our trip were onion rings, french fries, fried okra, mashed potatoes and cheesy corn. 

We'd stopped off in Norman, Oklahoma to see the University of Oklahoma campus, which is awesome. One of the more beautiful campuses we've seen. It had a distinctively English feel, until we got to the football stadium, then it was all football: 7 national championships, 154 all-Americans and 5 Heisman Trophy winners enshrined with their own larger-than-life bronzes in Heisman field. 
Evans Hall at the University of Oklahoma, the central administrative building on campus. 
The red phone booth adds to the British feel of the campus.
What I think of when I think of the University of Oklahoma.
I guess it ain't bragging when it's fact.
Billy Sims, the first of five Heisman Trophy winners all lined up across from the stadium.
Not too far from the campus and on our way out of Norman we drove past a store-front with the distinctive look and name of veggie-huggers: I've learned to recognize it - The Earth Cafe & Deli. We turned the car around, parked and ventured in. It is part-store and part-restaurant where you can buy juices, organic vegetables, healthy grains, vegan cheese and meats and grab a sandwich, some soup or a salad.  Sometimes it is really nice just to immerse in all things vegetable. 
Judy got a salad with fake cheese, avocado, sprouts, sunflower seeds and tomato. In veggie heaven it was an average salad, but in the pork and beef belt it was something to behold. Sometimes a change-up is good and this was one of those times. 
I got some cauliflower soup with curry and rye. It had a distinctive rye taste and was bland, but good on a cool day. 
I also got a cheese and veggie sandwich with veggie cheese, avocado and tomato on rye bread, along with a side salad of red-leaf lettuce. The sandwich was a little dry, but with some of the salad dressing applied to it was a nice, healthy diversion. 
Visiting The Earth seemed a little out of place in Norman, kind of like a PETA booth at the stockyards, or Lighthouse Ministries in Salt Lake City, but it was nice to be courageous for a few minutes and see what a contrasting form of life might offer.

After-the-fact, we found that The Earth had five stars, but with only two reviews on Yelp, and was ranked 23 out of 291 restaurants on Trip Advisor in Norman with 26 reviews. 


  1. Classic college hippie restaurant/shop. It's location made it that much more of a kick.

  2. I had the same thought as Judy--just the kind of funky, hippie place you'd expect near a college.

  3. It's fun to see how your eating adventures have evolved over the years.