Sunday, August 10, 2014


The caracal is a cat with tall pointed ears with a black tuft at the tips. It has an unpatterned tawny coat and is heavily built like a lynx. It has a small head and short muzzle and black and white markings on the face. It is a great hunter with the ability to leap high, catching birds such as sand grouse and doves in flight. It also feeds on hyrax and small antelopes. 
Caracal. Picture from here
The morning we went on our game drive from the Serena Serengeti we stopped at the bottom of the hill below the lodge as someone spotted some sort of a cat in the shadow beneath a tree. We originally thought it was a genet, but the unmistakable tufts on the ears identify it as a caracal. Unfortunately, we did not get a better look, but it was fun to catch the small glimpse.
Caracal in shadow of tree in early morning. Photo by Esmee Tooke. 
Blown up picture reveals the ear tufts. 


  1. With those pointy ears, he has a Spock-ish look.

  2. I love the exotic look, from the pointy ears to the distinct face markings. Beautiful cat.