Friday, April 4, 2014

Judy - Happy 25th Birthday (after 29)

Today Judy turns 25, or is that 29 (or maybe you add them both)? We've been married almost 35 years and it has been an incredible ride, bumpy at times, a little crazy, but always good. I can't imagine life without her. She is beautiful, game, adventurous, loving, forgiving and warm. 
She adds to the beauty of Lake Bled, Slovenia.
With Rick and Kim in Yalta, Ukraine (on the Crimean Peninsula).  Yalta has not remained part of Ukraine, but Judy has remained a part of me despite seismic shifts in our lives. 
An outdoor cafe in Nessebur, Bulgaria.
Outdoors at a cafe in Sarajevo.
Inside during inclement weather in Ohrid, Macedonia.
A pre-Christmas dinner at the homestead.
You'll notice that much of our life seems to revolve around food. Judy is a good sport with my weird exotic food interests. But she also has a pretty mean sweet tooth and is widely known for her desserts.
Speaking of desserts, she knows how to find the good stuff as well as to make it. I think if we were ever to go hippy and live in a van, this would be the van. 
She has gone with me to some crazy high places - and some places that are crazy, even when not so high.
She is willing to go out of her way to accommodate. 
Sometimes she commands respect.
And sometimes she gets respect, even when she doesn't command it.
We have learned a lot together, exploring other cultures.
And have been broadened by the interests of our children. 
She allowed this to happen. 
My interests have been broadened by hers, even sometimes when I have not wanted to admit it. 
My life has been enriched by her wonderful family.
But mostly, I just love being with her, just the two of us. 

Or the three of us, or the however many of us can be together. 
Thank you Judy. Happy Birthday. I love you.