Thursday, December 12, 2013

Amapola Rico Taco - San Bernardino

Several days ago I did a post on Los Altos, a Mexican food restaurant recommended to Judy by one of her students. Another Mexican food restaurant recommended by another of Judy's students is Amapola Rico Taco. There are several locations, but we went to the one located at 596 N. Mt. Vernon Ave in San Bernardino, CA (909-884-3006), across the street from Mitla Cafe. This small building was a fast food shop opened by Glen Bell of Taco Bell fame, a forerunner of the Taco Bell megalopolis. Gustavo Arellano in his book, Taco USAcalls this corner of Sixth Street and Mount Vernon in San Bernardino the "Garden of Gethsemane for the American taco industry." 
5 tacos lined up on a plate from Amapola Rico Taco.
The corn tortillas used in the tacos are very small.

The tacos at Amapola are bite-size versions of the bigger tacos available at Los Altos, the slider equivalent of a hamburger. But if Taco Bell evolved from this, then their taco de-volved, because a Taco Bell taco can hardly be said to even be in the same genus. Like Los Altos, these are soft double corn tortillas, although these are substantially smaller, and are adorned simply with tomato, onion, cilantro, cabbage, some salsa and the style of meat. They are fabulously yummy. One of the things they do that Los Altos does not do is put some marinated onions and jalapenos on the side - very nice additions to the tacos. 

The variety is not quite as large as Los Altos, I've had pastor, chicharon, birria, carnitas, chorizo and fish. I did not try the tripas. I do like their birria better than Los Altos. But, the disadvantage Amapola has to Los Altos is price: their tacos are $1.65 versus $1.89, and the size at Los Altos makes them a much better bargain. 
fish taco
chorizo taco
I think this one may be pastor.
And this one carnitas or birria.
? - but doesn't it look great!
These are seriously good tacos. My whole Mexican food mind-set has been substantially altered with these new "finds" and my Mexican food dining choices in the future have been seriously altered.  

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  1. Nothing like a good recommendation from a native eater, right?