Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dirk's Farmhouse Restaurant

Dirk's Farmhouse Restaurant is located at 115 North Main Street, in Manti, UT 84642 (435-835-6500). 
We were in Manti recently to attend the wedding of my nephew. They had wonderful food at the reception, but I was eating vegan, so I stepped out across the street to see if I could find some vegan food at the Farmhouse Restaurant. I had no intention of blogging on it, but halfway through the meal I liked it so much that I decided I wanted to. Small towns are not generally places to find great food. First, I had the minestrone soup without the parmesan cheese. 
I've never loved minestrone, but it was one of the few vegan items on the menu. I LOVED it. It was thick with fresh ingredients, including carrots, onions, tomato, Swiss chard, cabbage, celery, zucchini, garbanzo beans, and buckwheat (I believe). I considered ordering another bowl. Then I got a portabella mushroom burger, which came along with a three bean salad. 
I had them hold the beef patty that normally goes on it, and the cheese, and got it with tomatoes, arugula and onion, and I added catsup and mustard. Portabella makes a great hamburger substitute, and even with the withheld items, it was great. The three bean salad was homemade with garbanzo beans, kidney beans, green beans, and artichoke hearts. 
Very nice. This is so far out of my usual travels I'll probably never get back there again, but if I do, this will be a stopping place for me. 

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