Friday, June 8, 2012

Egyptian Goose

The Egyptian goose is native to Africa and found mostly in the Nile Valley and south of the Sahara. They have also been introduced into Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany.  I saw one on an early morning walk along the Rhine River in Breisach, Germany and later saw several on the Rhine in Rudesheim, Germany, where I took these photos. 
It is a beautiful goose with chestnut colored feathers around each eye, yellow eyes, 
black tails, pink bills, legs and feet and red-brown to gray-brown upper parts. A rusty-brown collar encircles the lower neck. 
It is the eyes that make them stand out and give them almost a ghost-like appearance. Both males and females look alike, but females are a little smaller. The Egyptians domesticated these geese and along with the Ibis, were considered sacred. The Romans and Greeks also kept them as domestic poultry.
This isn't as well focused, but shows three together. There is something about the heads of these geese that makes them look like they were painted by a modern artist: kind of blurry and unfinished.
In May 2012 we visited Africa. At the Mountain Lodge in Mount Kenya National Reserve we watched a mother and father Egyptian goose dealing with their goslings. 
A wonderful picture taken by John Mirau.
Picture by Mark Edwards
Picture by Mark Edwards


  1. I saw one with a baby gosling in Rusesheim on Oct 3, 2012

  2. Hello, Dear!!!
    I really like your post. Here you present very important information about Egyptian Goose Bird and I also like this Egyptian Goose Photos such a great pictures you present here.

  3. I have finally found what these birds are that have visited South Florida, (Boca Raton). I have seen them the same time each year, first two weeks of June, for the last two years. How would an Egyptian Goose wind up in South Florida?

    1. I recently saw a gaggle in a park in Los Angeles.. Beautiful birds.

  4. I looked this up because I saw them in Southern California!

  5. There are currently 3 of the Egyptian geese near McKee botanical gardens in Vero Beach Florida.