Monday, October 3, 2011

Boulangerie Premiere Moisson - Montreal

Judy's friend, Elizabeth, went to Montreal earlier this year and blogged about Premiere Moisson. The pictures of the food looked so good that I commented to Judy it would be worth flying to Montreal just to eat there. Well, we unexpectedly made it to Montreal later this year, and I couldn't get those pictures out of my head. So Premiere Moisson was high on our "to do" list.  It took us awhile, but after finally parking our rental car near Place d'Armes, having a French (and barely English) speaking store clerk call the restaurant for the nearest location (because our cell phone was not working), and buying a subway ticket from a machine which only had French instructions and would not take our American issued credit cards, we took the subway to Mont Royale and found one of several of the bakeries. 
We had dinner reservations at Au Cinquieme Peche later that afternoon, but after surveying the beautiful looking breads, 




and the deli section, we could not resist buying a goodly quantity of the bakery's goods. We went to the deli section and bought a roast beef sandwich, warmed panini style, and Greek salad. 
We also got a baguette and a lunch size piece of blue cheese to eat with it, and a salad with egg, tomato, mayonnaise and other ingredients. 
For dessert we had a fruit tart with fresh peach, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and kiwi, 
a Napoleon, 
and a piece of chocolate raspberry mousse cake. 
The panini, particularly with some of the creamy blue cheese on it, was quite good, 
the vegetables in the Greek salad were fresh, and I particularly enjoyed the fresh fruit in the tart. Fresh fruit with a little added sweetener is a tough combination to beat. Judy, who is on to all things chocolate, focused on the chocolate mousse pie and I focused on the Napoleon, although we did share pieces of each. It is tough to beat a fresh Napoleon from a French bakery. We were lamenting that we had no room to try some of the other delights, but that just gives us reason to go back. 


  1. Seeing the pictures brings it all back. It's places like this that can really torpedo a diet. The variety was so amazing! It is a small chain. Do you think we can get them to open a store in our part of the world? On the other hand, maybe it's better if they stay far, far away...

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