Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Greylag Goose

While in Denmark I saw another species of goose I was unfamiliar with: the greylag or graylag (U.S. spelling). 
It is the ancestor of domesticated geese in Europe and North America. It has a bulky body, thick and long neck, a large head and bill, pink legs and feet and an orange or pink bill. 
It has grayish-brown feathers, darker on the head and paler on the belly, patterned with pale fringes of its feathers. 
In 2012 we took a cruise up the Rhine and saw more greylag geese. Below are pictures of them in Kinderdijk, Netherlands and Rudesheim, Germany. 
This large group of greylag geese was in Kinderdijk.

On the Rhine in Rudesheim. 

A mother with some pretty big goslings.
A gosling out of the water.

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