Sunday, September 19, 2010

1962 Gospel Doctrine Manual - Gospel Living in the Home

When I was a student at BYU in 1979, passing through the Harold B. Lee Library, I purchased a book from a cart of old books being sold from the library. It was "Gospel Living in the home," the manual for the gospel doctrine class in the LDS Sunday School program.
For me it was a treasure, I'd not seen one in years. The picture on the front was of my family, or at least part of my family. Two of my siblings, David and Layne, were cut out of the picture (see full picture below)
and two were not born yet, Chris and Matt. We are seated around our kitchen table, I have my head turned away from the camera, Dad points to something in the large family Bible, then Wendy, Merilee in Mom's lap and Michael (David and then Layne are in the full picture). I still remember having the picture taken, more than 48 years ago. At that age, I never could imagine being as old as I am now. Who could have guessed the different paths we would each take? It was from an idyllic time in my life and brings back great memories.

In August 2011, Robin Evans brought an old Christmas card my parents sent out, probably in 1961.
She'd found it at her mother's home. It uses the same picture used in the gospel doctrine manual 
and quotes Luke 2:8-14, which I have not copied. 


  1. I absolutely love this picture and what it says about your family, especially your wonderful, wonderful parents. It is a treasure. I wonder if we can find some copies for our kids? (I wonder if they want one?)

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  3. What a priceless momento! I think you should find copies for your kids and MAKE them want one!

  4. I knew I should of asked for your autograph!

  5. I remember when I was a young mother, looking at photos like that and thinking "those are fake family members, posing for a nice picture." Guess I was wrong!

  6. This is really fun to see this. Thanks for the post Bob!