Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blackened and Grilled Goat

I have eaten goat on a number of occasions. The best was curry with goat, at an Indian restaurant, the goat being on the bone and very tender. There is a restaurant in San Bernardino that only serves goat. I ate there years ago, was not real impressed, and have never been back. We also served a whole goat at a youth conference a number of years ago which we slaughtered and cooked on a barbeque. I recall it being overcooked and not real great. The other day I was at a Chinese grocery store shopping for "interesting" food items to feed to my sister and her family who were visiting. I saw goat in the meat section and decided to add it to the list. They only had it in one cut that perhaps was the backbone and surrounding meat. I had the butcher cut it into roughly one-inch thick pieces.
I prepared it in a blackening sauce, that included butter and oil,
and cooked it on our outdoor grill.
Because we had so many things going on at once I overcooked it a little bit and it was getting cold by the time we served it, cut up into small pieces.
The result was I didn't enjoy it very much. The blackening sauce did not seem right on it and masked the taste. Several days later I warmed some up in the microwave and had some more and I liked it a little better. I have read, after-the-fact, that because of its low fat content, the meat can toughen at higher temperatures. I think that may have been part of the problem. Now I have to try it again. I will not blacken it and I will cook it rare and see what kind of a difference it makes.

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