Saturday, May 15, 2010

Parish's Poppy

Parish's poppy,
or pygmy poppy (Eschscholzia parishii)
is very similar in appearance to the desert golden poppy or Mojave poppy (Eschscholzia glyptospema), also found in the southern portion of Joshua Tree National Park. These were found off the Hayfield Road exit of the I-10 on the bajada south of the Eagle Mountains.
This next picture was taken early in the morning before the flowers had unfolded.
This flower was in the process of unfolding.
The difference is that Parish's poppy has branched, leafy stems,
while the Mojave poppy has a leafless stem. It has a a yellow to orange flower with four petals.
It took me quite a bit of time and looking, particularly at pictures of the two types, to make this determination.

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