Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Arizona Evening Primrose

The Arizona evening primrose
has a flower with four white petals that are each bilobed.
The flower opens at dusk, is bright white at night, then fades pink by early morning and closes up completely before noon.
It has eight stamens.
It is low growing, without an upright stem, but has numberous stems and flowers from ground level.
It is a subspecies of the California evening primrose and found only in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona and into Sonora, Mexico. We photographed these near Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico, in the vicinity of El Pinacate El Desierto growing near the edge of the road in sand.


  1. It is not just found in the Sonoran Desert as we have it all over our long gravel driveway in east central AZ's White Mountains, a part of the Great Basin Desert, 5700' elevation, near the Petrified Forest NP.

  2. I have photos of these on the south rim of Grand Canyon. We saw them all the time there.

  3. Lots over here near Prescott too