Monday, July 27, 2009

Barbequed Rabbit

Judy has been in a clean out the freezer mode, so Sunday I thawed and cooked some rabbit. I have had several rabbit dishes in restaurants that I've loved. I've also cooked whole rabbit from Gerrards several times and I've eaten several wild rabbits that I've shot, including several on our honeymoon that we shot near Bear Lake in Utah (the first and last time I got Judy to go hunting with me).

This rabbit was already conventiently cut into pieces.

To get the full natural taste, I merely put some olive oil and salt on the rabbit pieces and put them in my barbeque.

When finished we ate them without any further embelishment. Rabbit has a wonderful, mild taste and when not overcooked, it is remarkably tender. It was very good and increased my resolve to have some more rabbit in different kinds of dishes.


  1. Hey! I went duck hunting with you at least twice, and hunting something else another time! I've been at least FOUR times!

  2. I guess I've heard about that rabbit hunting trip so many times, including the fact that your rabbit hunting honeymoon excursion was the most outragious story when all the women commisserated on their honeymoons, that it has over-shadowed the ducks. Did we get any ducks?