Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grilled Buffalo: New York Steak

While visiting Andrew at UCLA we stopped at Whole Foods as is now customary. I couldn't resist buying some buffalo meat, a New York steak cut. On the same trip I purchased some Kobe style beef at a Japanese market and later cooked both the Kobe style beef and buffalo, side-by-side on the grill.

Buffalo is much leaner than even a regular New York beef steak.

I like well-marbled meat and I like it moist. From that standpoint, I would think I generally prefer beef to buffalo.

However, I was kind of surprised to find that I preferred the much leaner buffalo, to the very moist and juicy Kobe style beef. I preferred the distinctive flavor, even though it was not as moist and juicy.

I still prefer the buffalo ribeye, which has more marbling, than the New York cut, but the New York was very good. Even better, are buffalo ribs, which I had the opportunity to eat at a restaurant in Estes Park, Colorado last year.

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