Sunday, June 25, 2023

Fulvous-Dotted Treerunner

The fulvous-dotted treerunner, also known as the star-chested treerunner, is a rare bird found in mid-level forests of the West and Central Andes in Colombia and Ecuador down to Pichincha. There are only 1,482 observations and 169 photos on Birds of the World. Comparatively, other rare birds I saw had the following number of observation and photos: (1) chestnut-bellied flowerpiercer, 1,223 and 444; (2) tanager finch, 1,403 and 423; (3) Munchique wood-wren, 1,751 and 355; and (4) gold-ringed tanager, 2,345 and 690. There are less than half the number of photos for the treerunner than there are for the Munchique wood-wren which has the least photos among the 4 I listed. I look at that list and feel fortunate to have the photos I have, no matter how poor. 
Fulvous-dotted treerunner range from Wikipedia.
It is mostly rufous with a white throat followed by white spots outlined in black that run down to the breast. It also has a pale supercilium (a line running above the eye). 

I saw one along the dirt road in Tatama NNP above Montezuma Rainforest Lodge. 

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  1. Interesting stats. People see them but don't get photos? Are they tiny? Do they move fast?