Friday, September 27, 2019

Eastern Cottontail

I've blogged previously on the desert cottontail and recently saw a different species, the eastern cottontail, in deep south Texas, in Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge
It has quite a large range (see the map below). 
Range of Eastern Cottontail (from Wikipedia)
The difference between the two, at least in one noted area, is that the desert cottontail has longer, more thinly haired ears, and is paler. Where they overlap, the desert cottontail is found in dry, open habitat, while the eastern cottontail likes riparian thickets along streams. 


  1. Nice picture, I think I tried to take a picture too but it just looks like I was taking a picture of grass. We didn’t see any jaguars but if there were any they certainly would have a lot to eat.

  2. Their eyes are so large. They must have good night vision.