Saturday, September 21, 2019


I did a post on the coyote ten years ago. Since then I've not seen nearly as many of them. Part of that is our travel has been more international, and I've spent less time in our local deserts and mountains. Part too, is the area where we live has been built up and there are fewer open fields to encounter them in. 
Earlier this month we spent our 40th anniversary in North Dakota. One early morning while Judy slept in, I got up early and drove into Theodore Roosevelt NP and was there driving when the sun came up. The coyote in these photos was trotting along the base of a hill in the early morning light. I was using a camera setting with a slower shutter speed to get more light. As a result, the coyote was a little blurry in most of the photos I took. 

It was very fun to have a nice view of a coyote again. 


  1. There is a pack that hangs out at Fairmount Park in Riverside.

  2. Nice, healthy looking animal with a heavy coat.