Saturday, September 22, 2018

Skipper Jack's Maritime Restaurant - Moncton, New Brunswick

After a fun day of exploration along the Fundy Trail Parkway, driving through Fundy National Park and Alma, and then visiting Hopewell Rocks, we headed toward Moncton, New Brunswick where we had a hotel room for the night. Judy looked up a restaurant on Yelp and we headed for Skipper Jack's Maritime Restaurant which was rated no. 39 out of 198 in Moncton on Trip Advisor and no. 3 out of 11 for seafood. When we got there Andrew protested and we almost got back in the car. It looked like the Denney's of seafood, but it was late and we were hungry. 

I was hungry to try clams and scallops and got them breaded and fried, along with some non-descript fish. The breading was way too heavy and thick, but the scallops, particularly, were moist and nice, once you got through the breading. 
My fish, clams and scallops. Really heavy breading. 
Judy got some good scallops which were not breaded, wrapped in bacon. 
Judy's scallops were quite good.
The thing that made this meal memorable was the poutine. Poutine originated in Quebec and is a combination of french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. This poutine, however, came with lobster and green onion sauce, whatever that is, and then we doubled-up on the lobster. The cost of the poutine went from $8.49 CD, for normal poutine, to $25.48 CD, but man was it good. 
The double lobster poutine with green onion sauce. This made the meal. 
Instead of brown gravy, which I am not fond of, at least on the few poutines I've tried, it had a thick whitish gravy, I'm sure suffused with green onion. And it was packed full of soft, chunky lobster. It really was more lobster and gravy than french fries. I'm sure there was also cheese in there somewhere. It went down quite fast, all three of us charging in. 

The other menu items were pretty meh, but that is a poutine I will remember. It was expensive, but good. 

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  1. It's hard to believe the poutine was part of the same menu as the rest of the mediocre food we ate. No other poutine is ever going to measure up to this lobster version.