Monday, February 21, 2011

Infrared Cooked: Pork Ribs & Porterhouse Steak

I have previously used an infrared fryer to cook turkey, leg of lamb, leg of goat and beef ribs. I decided to continue my experimentation with it. We've been trying to clean out our freezer and I discovered some pork loin back ribs that were dated September 2009, almost a year and a half old. 
We debated just tossing them, but it looked like such good ribs I decided to cook them and see what would happen. I used blackening rub on some, Corky's BBQ Rub on some and Rendezvous Barbecue Sauce on others. 
I lined the inner metal skeleton holder with them and they were nearly a perfect fit. 
I eyeballed them in terms of when I thought they were done 
and I called it nearly perfectly. 
They looked so good that I decided it was worth the risk of trying to eat them - hoping not to get sick. 
They were MARVELOUS! 
They were cooked evenly, they were juicy and they were easy. They were a little too good, I downed a good portion of them that night. My mouth starts watering just thinking about them. Fortunately, I suffered no ill effects from eating the old meat. 
A little while later I had one porterhouse steak I'd gotten for a steal at the store, about $4.00 a pound. I decided to see how it would do in the infrared cooker. I put on blackening rub and used a giant toothpick to center it in the metal holder 
and eyeballed this one as well. 
It was cooked about right, 
but I was disappointed with it. It was not as juicy as I would have hoped 
and the taste was lacking. 
It may just be that I'm getting used to eating stronger meats like lamb and goat and beef just doesn't measure up, or it may be that it was a poor quality piece of meat (after all it was $4.00 a pound for a prime cut of meat). I may have to try steak on the cooker again, but this one was a disappointment. 

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