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Hawaii Mission Journal - Part 5 [2/5/48 to 5/7/48]

February 5, 1948 (Thursday):

    Marg has a bad cold and she aches all over. She called off an engagement to go to Sis Belknaps because of it.

February 7, 1948 (Saturday):

    We both feel much better now - we got up and gave the house a cleaning and then I went over to the Mission Office and straightened some things out, and then took Pres. Smith to the airport bound for Hilo to meet the General MIA Board members.

February 8, 1948 (Sunday):

    Church in Wailuku as usual.

February 10, 1948 (Tuesday):

    A letter dated February 10, 1948, from Grandfather Cannon to Mom and Dad, on Ensign Stake Presidency letterhead, is as follows:

Herewith are forms for State of Utah tax returns. You of course can get the government forms there. You paid $1.00 fast & $74.80 tithing to the 20th ward. We (Salt Lake Stamp Co) reported $56.00 to social security old age benefit – no other report of any kind has been made of money paid you, so that is all that is necessary for you mention. $300 was given and a bonus, but being under $400 was not necessary to report it. Of course you know you have $3300.00 exemption for you & Marg & $300 for Mike.
I still think every thing is set for Mar 5th. I got word the steam ship tickets are here but the special session of the legislature still has me stumped somewhat as to what I have to do[44].  I tried to get the attorney general today but couldn’t reach him.
Well want this to go so
Good by love Pop

February 11, 1948 (Wednesday):

    George Q. Morriss, head of the M.I.A. throughout the church arrived on Maui with a scouting group. Rogers Akiu picked him up and we took a drive up to Pulehu and then to the sugar mill in Paia. In the evening we were invited to the home of Bro and Sis Ezell, and they served a full course turkey dinner and was it ever delicious. He then told us of his sea faring experiences and after that I showed our colored slides of Southern Utah and the Indians.

February 12, 1948 (Thursday):

    The schools were out on a holiday and so were the banks - they seem to take off at the drop of a hat. I took Sis Smith to the airport to go to Honolulu.

February 13, 1948 (Friday):

    In the afternoon we took off and all went to the circus. I looked up E.K. Fernandez and he let us in to sit in the best seats of the show. It was pretty good considering that they have to ship everything in by boat.

February 14, 1948 (Saturday):

    We went to the beach in the morning and then out there we saw a whale playing around in the straits between Maui and Kahoolawe. Michael got his fill of the sea air and so we returned in time to go to the 60th birthday Luau for Sis Newton. For the first time, I managed to get away with two bowls of Poi.

February 15, 1948 (Sunday):

    Rogers Akiu was in Honolulu and so it fell my lot to teach the gospel message class in Sunday School. It was interesting and beneficial to prepare, and the class responded to it by unusual show of participation.

February 16, 1948 (Monday):

    Two new Elders arrived - Tingey and Clark and we had a little get together of missionaries at our Mission Home. Sisters Wintch, Hammond and Ellis, and Elders Smoot, Bagley and the Newcomers were present. We had a fine evening and enjoyed potato salad, hamburgers and the trimmings. Elder Clark is a fine humble fellow and the brother of one of Ted’s missionary associates. He will make an excellent missionary. I am sure Elder Tingey was here a number of years ago and has a know it all attitude that will be a deterament to him. He will have to learn a lot in the next two years.

February 17, 1948 (Tuesday):

    Pres. Smith arrived from Honolulu along with Sis Smith - we attended M.I.A. in the evening.

February 18, 1948 (Wednesday):

    Mary Eckham and her mother came and visited us and as a result we were unable to go to Genealogy or Choir practice. They seem to be quite interested in the church. I showed them some of the pictures of Salt Lake and Southern Utah.

February 19, 1948 (Thursday):

    Pres. Smith asked me to attend a dinner for the promotion and organization of the Community Chest. I attended and it was held at the Wailuku Grande Hotel in the Garden - Solomon Moikeha showed me around and he was very fine.

February 21, 1948 (Saturday):

    I got up in the morning, mowed the lawn and cleaned the yard. Afterwards I went to the Drs office and waited around there until he could take care of me. He finally got to work, gave me a local, and proceeded to operate on my toe. I watched him do it and it was very interesting - as though her were operating on someone else’s toe instead of my own. He took a much larger chunk out then I had expected he would - the chunk was about as large as the last joint of my middle finger. In the Afternoon I came home and took a nap and studied while Marg went to the beach. to look for shells with Sis Ellis. In the meantime Mike developed a wheeze and then got quite bad. In the evening Marg and the other Sisters went to the Andy Cummings concert at the Armory under the auspices of Kahului Branch. In the meantime I stayed at home and prepared a lesson for the teachers to be given tomorrow. Mike continued to get worse - the Dr. assured us that it was nothing serious.

February 22, 1948 (Sunday):

    Washington’s Birthday - I had prepared a lesson or talk on Teacher’s Training that I gave to the teachers and Officers of the Branch. I felt a rare freedom in my speech and as though some little good were accomplished. The Dr. came to see Mike in the morning, and I stayed home with him while Marge went to church.

February 23, 1948 (Monday):

    The L.M.’s [Lady Missionaries?] went out to the beach with the Branch and I went over to the office for a while and spent most of my time talking with Sis. Smith. Mike was no better and so in the afternoon we drove out to see Dr. Fleming in his beautiful beach home - all was not well - the Dr. wasn’t in and so we waited and insisted with his wife and ended up staying most of the evening or afternoon. The Dr. finally came and gave Mike a shot of adrenalin to no avail and also gave him some Benadril and that had no effect. When we got home he was as bad as ever and so before going to bed, I administered to him.

February 24, 1948 (Tuesday):

    When we awoke Mike was much better and through no fault of the Dr. We saw the Dr. again today and he dressed my toe and noted that Mike was much better. In the evening we went to the show “Golden Carriage” and regretted it.

February 25, 1948 (Wednesday):

    Pres Smith arrived back from Honolulu and he had his usual troubles when he got here. I went to Genealogy in the evening in the midst of a downpour. While there, we had a not too uncommon outrage of temper from a couple of the Moikehas.

February 26, 1948 (Thursday):

    We sold the Green Thing to Bro. Mahi and it was really a sad moment for us to lose it after it served us so well. We were fortunate in having it with us and it was a wise thing to bring it over.

February 27, 1948 (Friday):

    The Mission Jeep arrived from Oahu and I had my first experience in driving a jeep. In the evening we went for a little ride with Mike all bundled up, and also went to visit the Smiths.

February 28, 1948 (Saturday):

    Worked in the office most of the day and then I came home and read and took a nap. We took a ride to Kahului to see a show “My Mother wore Tights” with Betty Grable and it was pretty good - in the mean time we left Mike with Amy Moikeha.

February 29, 1948 (Sunday):

    Marg spoke at Kahului in the evening and she made a hit with the children[45].

March 5, 1948 (Friday):

    Mr and Mrs Gilbert C. Orme arrived along with Bro. and Sis Napoleon of Honolulu. Bro Orme is from Idaho and the author of the Book “L.D.S. Scriptures.” Pres. Smith had the Ormes come and stay with us for the night and it fell our responsibility to cook dinner for them. They were a fine couple. In the evening after dinner we all went over to Sis Afoons for a get together. During the day, Marg baked cake to be sold by her R.E. Class for their contribution to an organ for the Branch.

March 6, 1948 (Saturday):

    The Ormes left for Haleakala in the morning and we spent most of the day cleaning house in preparation for the arrival of the Folks. In the evening we went to a show “Thunder in The Valley” with the Sisters (Hammond, Wintch, and Ellis) There was a fine lesson to the show and one that could benefit the world if the world would but listen, and that is tolerance of our neighbors.

March 7, 1948 (Sunday):

    Marg and Mike both came to Priesthood Meeting and of course we stayed through Sunday School and Fast Meeting. Mike was surely cute and he could hardly contain himself during the latter meeting. The Relief Society gave the program in the evening and it was outstanding.

March 8, 1948 (Monday):

    In the evening we went to visit the Ames and they were tickled pink to see us - and we felt as though we had done a lot of good. After that we went out to Ezells for a meeting.

March 9, 1948 (Wednesday)        (It is either March 10th or Tuesday)

    The Folks arrived in Honolulu this morning on board the Matsonia. They tried to phone around noon, but due to a poor connection we had to postpone it until evening. It seemed mighty good to hear their voices again. We went to Genealogy in the evening and Danny Moikeha wanted the usual amount of time - and then we came home and studied.

March 11, 1948 (Thursday):

    We were invited to go to dinner at Bro & Sis Rogers Akiu’s house. They served fried chicken, chop suey and all of the trimmings. Afterwards we had a nice visit. They are surely a fine couple and it is a pleasure to be around them. I turned the jeep over to Elder West Enslow and we took the Plymouth.

March 12, 1948 (Friday):

    The Plymouth was in rough condition and so Pres. Smith gave permission to put new seat covers on it, along with floor mats, and I cleaned it all up. The Folks arrived this morning at 10:30 and it was a real thrill to meet them at the airport. They had a wonderful trip over and have enjoyed themselves a lot. We visited until after noon, and then they went over to Smiths and visited with them the rest of the afternoon while I worked in the office.

March 13, 1948 (Saturday):

    We went for a ride up to Pulehu and showed the Folks the monument that is erected on the Chapel grounds in remembrance of the founding of the Church in the Islands. After that we went out to Beach home of Sis Afoon at Maalaia, where she served us a varied dinner including Poi, chicken Necks, suciaki [sukiyaki] steak and other things. It was a real treat as far as we were concerned but I imagine that some of the things were a little steep for Mother. However they enjoyed themselves much. The Akius sang for them Keoki Pukuniahi[46]  and some of the other things, and also there was a Samoan girl that danced for them.

March 14, 1948 (Sunday):

    The usual meetings on Sunday and then after Sunday School I gave a teacher training class for the teachers of the Branch. In the evening we went down to Kahului where I spoke on the responsibility of a teacher, and then Marg and I sang Calvary. The Folks were also asked to speak. Later we went up to Wailuku to the remaining part of their meeting and again the Folks were asked to speak[47].

March 15, 1948 (Monday):

    In the morning we took a trip to Lahaina with the main purpose being to take Elder Clark over there to go to Lanai, and to pick up Elder Bower and bring him back. In the meantime we stopped in at Bro Keamu’s and he took us over to the spot in back of the Chapel where Grandfather Cannon had his remarkable visitation. We then drove out to Hoinkekua out almost to the end of the road. After we came back to Lahaina to Kuamu’s where his granddaughter - Sis Silva had prepared one of the finest meals that I have ever eaten - chicken, fish, potatoes gravy, salad fruit juice cake etc. was the bill of fare and talk about appetizing. On the way back to Wailuku coming over the Pali road we saw a school of whales playing out in the straits, and also came near seeing a serious accident. A jeep almost went over the pali. During the evening Pres Smith came over here and Elder Bowen showed his slides and we then had ice cream and cake.

March 16, 1948 (Tuesday):

    Elders Staheli, Hanks, Godfrey and Hall arrived from the big Island on their way to Honolulu, preparatory to going home. In the evening we had an M.I.A social and open night. Elders Bowen and Tingey went over to the Big Island to take their places.

March 17, 1948 (Wednesday):

A great day for the Irish and Michael celebrated by cutting two teeth on his lower front jaw. The Relief Society also celebrated the 106th anniversary of its founding by having a fine program in the Wailuku Chapel for all of the Island of Maui. Mother and Pop gave very fine talks when they were called on. Mrs. Dutro stayed with the baby.

March 18, 1948 (Thursday):

    We took the four returning Elders and Pres. and Sis Smith to the airport to see them off. The Smiths are on their way to Kauai for conference and they’ll be gone for nearly two weeks. In the evening I had a meeting with the Superintendency of Sunday School for the purpose of selecting some one to take over. We afterwords visited in the Alo home.

March 19, 1948 (Friday):

    Mary Alice’s birthday - we went to a show “Singapore” in the evening at the Kahului Theater.

March 20, 1948 (Saturday):

    Bro. Enos took the Folks and me up to Haleakala and though it was cloudy, they got the effect of the trip just the same. Marg stayed home with Mike. Pop went over to the Airlines office and planned a trip to Hawaii with Bro. Ezell[48].  We all went to a Primary festival in the Branch in the evening and the kids really did themselves proud.

March 21, 1948 (Sunday):

    We all attended the usual meetings in Wailuku Branch and I was relieved of my position in the Sunday School Superintendency. Kamakaa Alo took my place. After church (we met with the CPM) we were invited up to the home of Bro. Ezell where he played us some music and showed pictures.

March 22, 1948 (Monday):

    We went down town and Pop bought us a brownie camera for my birthday. I took them (Mom and Pop) to the airport where they embarked for Hilo, and a trip around the Island. Bro Ching of Hilo was in town and so he came up and showed us his pictures - I thought that he would never go home.

March 26, 1948 (Friday):

    In the evening, we went to a show called “Deep Valley” at the Kahului Theatre with Sis Ellis and Sis Beatty. It was a pretty good show. We left Mike with Sis. Waiwaiole.

March 27, 1948 (Saturday):

    To start the day out right, I went over to the Mission Office and cleaned up the yard before meeting Mom and Pop at the airport. They returned from the Big Island after having a very fine trip. Apparently they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Sis. Afoon invited us over to their place for a Chinese dinner in the afternoon. It was interesting to see mother eat the unusual food and she did unusually well for herself. We had to leave that affair early and go out to Maalaia Beach where Pop performed a Baptism of Clarence Robt. A. K. Poole, a haole fellow that was converted through his Hawaiian wife.

March 28, 1948 (Sunday):

    Easter Sunday, and in Priesthood Meeting I confirmed Bro. Poole - my first experience with performing that ordinance. The Easter program in Sunday School was exceptionally fine, and Mike received his first Easter Basket there. The Enos family invited us for dinner including Sisters Wintch, Hammond and Ellis and what a family feast it was. Chicken and Ham were the bill of fare and it was wonderful. In the evening Sis Ellis and the choir of the Branch put on an Easter cantata entitled King of Glory - one of the finest I have heard done down here.

March 30, 1948 (Tuesday):

    This day we rented a drive yourself car and drove out to Hana (Mother, Pop, Marg and myself) and in spite of the rain which was quite general, we had a fine time and enjoyed ourselves immensely. At the start the road was very muddy and slippery and so we were almost scared out. We had lunch at the Hana Ranch Hotel and we almost ate enough to make up for the price of $3.50 that we had to pay for the meal. It was delicious and well worth the experience. In the evening, we returned and went to M.I.A. and the teacher was absent and so it fell my lot to take the class. Pres. Smith returned from his Kauai conference full of enthusiasm.

March 31, 1948 (Wednesday):

    I spent a great deal of the day talking to Pres. Smith and I got the go ahead on my reservations to Kauai - leave for Honolulu at 12:05 on Friday the 16th of Ap. and then from Honolulu to Kauai in the morning of Wed the 21st. We went to Genealogy in the evening and enjoyed a fine meeting. Mother prepared my birthday dinner this evening - pork and dressing.

April 1, 1948 (Thursday):

    It rained all day, and never have I seen it come down quite so fast. Bro. Cockett invited the Folks and the local missionaries over to his home for lunch where he had chicken, dressing and trimmings. It continued to rain and it reached near flood proportions in the afternoon. We all went to the Moikeha’s for another chicken dinner in the evening, and after that the Sunday School Officers and teachers had a program in our behalf and we were given leis and I was given an aloha shirt.

April 2, 1948 (Friday):

    We arose early and first thing went over to Alo’s for breakfast and again we had fried chicken, ham and eggs - what a feast - the first time I have ever eaten a breakfast like that. We took Mom and Pop to the airport to catch the plane and they left for Molokai and Lanai enroute to Honolulu. Pres. Smith left in the afternoon for Waimea on the Big Island and conference. We attended a high school concert this evening that was exceptionally fine.

April 3, 1948 (Saturday):

    I conducted a meeting in the morning to plan the forthcoming Maui Conference.

April 5, 1948 (Monday):

    Elder Le Grande Brough and his parents arrived to stay for a number of days - Elder Brough is to be released toward the latter part of the month.

April 8, 1948 (Thursday):

    Sis Smith left for Hilo to attend their conference, and I took her to the airport. In the evening we attended the community theatre play called “Torchbearers.” It wasn’t very good.

April 9, 1948 (Friday):

    I painted the fenders of the Maui car and it looks pretty good now with the exception of one of them that I about ruined - I later went over and mowed Mission office lawn.

April 10, 1948 (Saturday):

    My 23rd birthday - Kauai Moikeha came over with a chicken for a present from their family and so we had a chicken dinner in the evening. I cleaned the chicken - the first time in my life - and I broke the liver letting all the bile out into the chicken and almost ruined it as a result.

April 11, 1948 (Sunday):

    Went to the usual morning meetings and then had dinner. At 2:00 pm I spoke at an Island C.P.M meeting in Kahului and there was an exceptional spirit present. I gave the talk on life insurance [see outline below]. In the evening we went to Wailuku and we sang a duet and both spoke for a few minutes. After meeting we were invited to go up to Ezells where they served us waffles, bacon and eggs. Marg bought one of his paintings on black velvet that had just arrived and the price - $130[49]

    The outline for Dad’s talk on life insurance is found among his papers and is labeled as “The Life Insurance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Notes indicate this same talk was given in Wailuku on September 26, 1947 (which was a Friday, and no mention was made, or perhaps on Sunday the 28th when he says he did speak in church), October 1947 in Lahaina (no mention of Lahaina is made in the journal for October) and in Kauai to the C.P.M. on October 10, 1948. The outline of the talk is as follows:

I am the salesman of the finest life insurance policy in existence, the Gospel of Jesus Christ:
I.    Terms - found in the scriptures
    a.    How do we enter into the contract?
        1.    Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ
        2.    Repentance
        3.    Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins.
        4.    Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.
    b.    Reliability of the contractor: “I the Lord am bound when you do what I say but when you do not what I say, you have no promise.”
II.    Premiums - not much money
    a.    The greatest responsibility is that of being a member of the church.
    b.    Collector - God
    c.    When due - not once a month or once a week on Sundays, but every hour and every minute.
III.    Dividends - payed regularly upon participation
    a.    Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy paths. (Prov. 3:5)
    b.    Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matt. 11:28)
IV.    Benefits
    a.    You will receive the reward, and not some one else as in the regular policies.
    b.    And if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all gifts of God. (D&C 14:7)
V.    Examination Required - not as in regular policy, given after we have lived.
    a.    Story of false front. (Also written in is story of marine pvt. masquerading  a hero and story of five dollar bill). Examination is thorough, and the true size and form will be determined just as with physical exam.
    b.    We might be surprised to see what will be found.
Value Unknown
All ore is only rock until we learn
To use it, coal is stone that we can burn,
And iron just a rusty lump of clay,
Until a furnace smelts the dross away.

We search for gold - yet we are often blind
To hidden values of another kind.
In seeking quartz flecked thru with yellow grains
We fail to notice richer, rarer veins.

These were “just rocks” - pitchblende and carnotite
Before man learned their vast atomic might.

Who now can say what other “worthless stone”
May prove of treasure yet unkown?
Value remains imprisoned in the rock.
Till wisdom finds the key and tries the lock.
VI.    Special fire insurance clause: Behold, now it is called today until the coming of the Son of Man, and verily it is a day of sacrifice, and a day for the tithing of my people; for he that is tithed shall not be burned at his coming. (D&C 64:23)
VII.    Social Security - Church Welfare Plan
        Life Insurance (by Don C. Summers)
        Could I interest you in a policy?
            What kind is it you say?
        Well, it’s life insurance, friend,
            But in a different sort of way.

        It’s the very same insurance
            That Christ brought to the earth,
        And whatever you put into it, friend,
            You’ll get your money’s worth.

        No, you don’t pay so much in money
            As you pay by living right,
        Just obey the gospel teachings,
            And put your sins to flight.

        Yes, it pays big dividends,
            But perhaps not right way;
        It insures your “life eternal,” friend
            And you collect on judgment day.
        And contrary to worldly ways of man
            You the reward will receive;
        Invest a lot in this policy, friend,
            And I promise you shall not grieve.

        The Lord will do the collecting, friend
            He comes around each day;
        And although  you cannot see Him,
            He knows what you do and say.

        It’s the greatest policy that can be had
            For it insures the souls of men.
        The Gospel of Jesus Christ, my friend,
            Really pays back in the end.

April 12, 1948 (Monday):

    Pres. and Sis. Smith arrived back from the Hilo conference. We went to a steak dinner at the Akiu’s a very busy time.

April 13, 1948 (Tuesday):

    Spent day in office, and in the evening we went to the home of Bob Cooke for dinner. He is a piano player over the local radio station, and Marg helped his wife Jane when she had her baby in February. They had a very nice meal and we had an interesting conversation afterward. We gave them the book “What of the Mormons.” and it may do a little good.

April 14, 1948 (Wednesday):

    Part of the day was spent around the house packing a few things, and the other part was spent in the office. Elder and Sis Nelson of Hilo came in on their way home and will leave on Friday. We went to dinner at the Enos’s during the evening and as usual had a real feast. After dinner we went visiting and called on the James Mahi’s, and the Aines, the Waiwaioles and the Becky Kaopukis. Becky gave us a picture frame and some lauhola. the John Mahis sent us some hand crocheted work.

April 15, 1948 (Thursday):

    We rushed around all day trying to get everything done. We took 9 packages to the Post Office to be mailed home and about as many things plus crib, tub etc. to have shipped over to Kauai. Besides doing that, I tried to get all of the stray ends taken care of in the office. In the evening we went to dinner at the Moikeha’s and then went visiting, seeing Sis Afoon, Sol & Amy.

April 16, 1948 (Friday):

    Again we rushed around trying to finish packing and I went over to Cockett’s for lunch while Marg finished fixing the baby. Pres. Smith picked us up and took us to the airport and we were forced to leave the house in a general mess as a result of the rush. There were many of the Saints down to the airport to see us off and they gave us about four or five carnation leis apiece. Among them were the Akins, the Sol Moikehas, Armie and father, Sis Enos, Kaaa, Leshima etc - We felt sorry to leave Maui, but the change is just what we need. Mom and Pop met us in Honolulu with Irene and Mary Bene, and we then got situated at the Blaisdell Hotel - a crib was brought to the room for Mike, and so he was comfortable. We ate dinner in the coffee shop and then proceeded out to the temple and went through in an unusually large session. The Temple was very impressive and every bit as beautiful as we expected. We returned home near midnight - driving Irene’s station wagon back.

April 17, 1948 (Saturday):

    We were invited to a beach party at Nanakuli Beach in which approximately the same crowd was present that was there a year ago. The food was delicious and we enjoyed a fine swim - Marg’s first since coming to the Islands and topped it off by going out and picking some wild tomatoes that were no larger than small marbles.

April 18, 1948 (Sunday):

    Attended the Waikiki ward Sunday School and met a no. of people we knew previously - We went to the Hawaiian class taught by Frank Woolly and was favorably impressed with his personality, and excellency as a teacher. Dinner was then on the agenda and so we all went out to George Q. and Irene’s and enjoyed a delicious spare rib dinner, and what a treat. Pop talked to George Q. somewhat on authority and I believe impressed him. In the afternoon we visited Chauncey, Florence, and daughter Connie - they certainly have an unusual home and the reception there wasn’t too warm we felt. After that we called on a Wilson couple - she is the daughter of Q. Cannon who was a son of Frank J. They are not members of the Church. We returned in time to be late for church but went anyway, and heard the tail end of a talk by Joe Musser. After church we then went out to the home of George Knapp for a snack and that finished up a delightful day.

April 19, 1948 (Monday):

    Went shopping in the morning and then went to Board of Health where I got a permit to marry people. In the afternoon, we went out to the Bishop Museum and drove around and then returned to dinner at George Q. and Irene’s.

April 20, 1948 (Tuesday):

    Went to Bawan’s in the evening and had a curry dinner - it was surely an awkward situation, and we failed to enjoy it.

April 21, 1948 (Wednesday):

    First thing in the morning we packed and then went over to the Thayer Piano Co and picked up some music - just in time to catch a breakfast on the fly and get down to the airport and catch the plane. Pres. Smith and Bro. McGhie were there to see us off and we bade farewell to them and Irene at 10:00 a.m. Just after taking off, we saw the New Lurline arrive at the Dock in Honolulu - her maiden voyage. Mom and Pop, Marg, Mike and I arrived on Kauai at 10:00 and were met by Elder & Sis. Roper and Elder Harvey at the Barking Sands airport. We visited with the Ropers a couple of minutes before they left, and then we proceeded on to Kapaa in the Old Mission car - a real wreck. We arrived in Kapaa safely and were pleasantly surprised to see the Mission Home[50]  and chapel Grounds. In the afternoon, Marg stayed with Mike and we all rented a Drive Yourself car and drove out to Hanalei Valley and that section.

April 22, 1948 (Thursday):

    Again we rented a U-drive car and drove out to Waimea Canyon and Kokee stopping at Hanapepe for a picnic lunch - Marg and Mike went along on this trip and it was very enjoyable. In the evening, the Saints of Kapaa Branch got together for a Social in honor of the Folks.

April 23, 1948 (Friday):

    We arose early and took George Kondo with us to the airport to see the Folks off. They had had a wonderful time and I surely hated to see them leave. We also picked up Elder Spencer to take him to be transferred to Maui - Elder Geary was supposed to have come in on the same plane but he didn’t. Instead he arrived on a later one, and so in the afternoon we went out to Kekaha and picked him up and took him into Lihue. While in Kekaha, Elder Harvey and I ate another dinner with Keawe Aipoalani. Marg went to M.I.A. and we were too late getting back to get in on it.

April 24, 1948 (Saturday):

    Worked on the monthly report most of the morning and in the afternoon, we went shopping.

April 25, 1948 (Sunday):

    We enjoyed very much our first Sunday meetings in Kapaa. Marg taught the children’s class[51]  and in the evening, we were both called upon to speak. I talked on inspired prophetic warnings and felt very free. Marg talked on the responsibility of parents. During the afternoon, Elders Fowler and Geary came over for lunch and stayed for evening.

April 26, 1948 (Monday):

    We went shopping for a washer early in the morning and then went down to Lihue to get some incidentals and to make a bank deposit. Marg went over to Sis. Aiu’s to visit and stayed there while we drove further on to Hanapepe to see Elders Crabtree and Christensen. We did arrange to secure some lumber to build a wash house, and also arranged to get a bed and some pillows to make a sofa - it was a very profitable visit. In our return to Lihue, we got a haircut, and then found Marg in wonderful spirits - she had a fine visit with Sis. Aiu - in fact it was the outstanding day of her Mission to date.

April 27, 1948 (Tuesday):

    We started our study class this morning and started reading from 3rd Nephi. The new Thor Washer arrived and the price was $143.55. It is a big help. Later we went up and took Mike to Dr. Cockett - he introduced us to his wife and we visited for a few minutes. Later we went up to see about the new Religious Education program - they are quitting giving released time for it. The balance of the time in the afternoon was spent visiting members. This evening we went to dinner at the Fernandez home - she is a member - and he is a Catholic. They invited us to come every Tuesday evening for dinner.

April 28, 1948 (Wednesday):

    We drove down to Hanapepe again to help load the lumber, but we were so late in getting started that they had it loaded by the time we got there. On the way in from Waimea to Hanapepe, the car stalled and it looked as though we’d be there all day - they took the carburator apart and finally got it percolating. They took the lumber into Koloa, and Elder Kirkham was unable to get the truck to continue the journey and so we waited and came home.

April 29, 1948 (Thursday):

    R.E. [Religious Education] in the afternoon and then we spent time after that tearing down the panels that had been brought in by Elder Crabtree. In the evening, we rushed Annie Kubo Christian to the Hospital - she was in labor - she had the baby about an hour and a half after we had taken her down there.

April 30, 1948 (Friday):

    We went up to the Kapaa School and visited for the May Day Program - the film ripped in the camera and so I was unable to get any stills. I did however get movies. Again in the afternoon we continued building the wash house.

May 1, 1948 (Saturday):

    We spent the greater part of the day fixing up around the house and trying to add a few things to our Bldg. In the evening we went down to Koloa to attend an M.I.A. Social. It was very fine but not worth the trip at all.

May 2, 1948 (Sunday):

    In the morning we went to Lihue to sing over the Church Radio program (Kapaa Choir) Marg stayed home. We came back in time for Church in Kapaa - After Fast Meeting - Sis Ani and her twins had lunch with us and then went to Sheldon’s to see Relief Society handiwork. The Kapaa program was put on by the Primary and was fine. After that we drove to Koloa, stopping in at the hospital to see Annie Kubo. At Koloa we both spoke.

May 4, 1948 (Tuesday):

    We went to dinner at the Fernandez in the evening - and had lau lau, poi and some other Hawaiian things. We enjoyed it much. There seems to be a big lack of understanding on the part of Sis Fernandez and it is doubtful whether or not any thing will come of it . They treated us fine though.

May 5, 1948 (Wednesday):

    We drove over to Hanapepe in the morning to get a set of twin tubs for our wood house and then also got some paint for the car. We then got a door and an old bed from the Hanapepe Branch to make a couch out of. In the evening we had the usual Phd. [priesthood] meeting - coupled by a work party to get the gym fixed up for the forthcoming bazaar.

May 6, 1948 (Thursday):

    Ted’s birthday today - he is 30 years old. We went to R.E. [Religious Education] in the afternoon, and I gave them the story of Gideon from the books of Judges.

May 7, 1948 (Friday):

    We put in a full day on the wash house and succeeded in getting two walls and the rafters to the ceiling in place. We could complete it if we could only find time. In the evening I taught the Special Interest class in M.I.A and enjoyed it much.
 [44] Grandfather Cannon served three terms in the Utah legislature and was President of Ensign Stake from December 1940 to October 1949. 
 [45]  “[Marg’s] native instincts drew little children to her. Youngsters from the neighborhood gathered by her side at church and came to our home to share in the warmth of her spirit, and to assist in holding and caring for Michael.” Mother’s Day Tribute.  

[46] Keoki Pukuniahi is George Cannon in Hawaiian.

[47]  Ordained Clinton Makekau a Teacher in the Wailuku Branch (see Record of Ordinances Performed).  
[48] An undated newspaper clipping from a Maui paper states [and includes a picture]: IN DEMOCRATIC RACE – Al Ezell, who has throw his hat in the ring for the coming primaries as a candidate for the house on the Democratic ticket. He has traveled extensively in the South Pacific and has lived in Honolulu, and Kauai before coming to Maui. At present he is the traffic manager for the Hawaiian Airlines on Maui, Molokai and Lanai. He is married to a Maui girl, the former Eva Newton.
 [49]  This was the painting of the face and head of the old Hawaiian man by Leeteg Mom and Dad have had in their home. The Ezells were a distributor of Leeteg paintings. After a look on the internet, I discovered that Edgar William Leeteg was born in 1904 in East St. Louis, Illinois and lived and painted on the Island of Moorea in Tahiti for 20 years, from 1933 to 1953. Most of Leeteg’s paintings were of nude, or partially nude, Tahitian women. Leeteg has been called the “father of modern velvet painting” and the “American Gaugin.” In the late 1940’s, his works were selling for as much as $10,000, but, as of 2002, the market for black velvet painting has been hurt by the Mexican black velvet paintings available on the streets of Tijuana and Leeteg’s are apparently now worth only about $500.00. What I always thought was a Hawaiian man is a Tahitian man. Leeteg was quite eccentric: He had four wives and built an outhouse with ten seats made out of Italian marble. When he learned that the venereal disease he had contracted (apparently while studying subjects for his paintings) was incurable, he got massively drunk and died (committed suicide) in a motorcycle accident, on February 7, 1953. He did about 1,700 paintings during his lifetime.  
 [50] “Sister Cannon had become the district recorder; I was assigned responsibility as president of the Kauai District, and we lived in the little mission home which stood behind the Kapaa, Kauai Chapel.” Beachheads, p. 13
 [51]  “When we were transferred to Kauai, [Marg] continued to exude a magnetism to children. Mike was then in the second semester of his first year and he added to the attractiveness of our mission home. Marg drew young girls in the area like bees to blossoms.” Mother’s Day Tribute. 

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