Monday, July 3, 2023

Buff-Tailed Coronet

I got one photo of a buff-tailed coronet, I believe on the top of Montezuma Mountain in Tatama NNP. 
The buff-tailed coronet is found mostly in Colombia, but limited areas of Venezuela and Ecuador. 
Buff-tailed coronet range from Wikipedia.
Wikipedia notes that "[b]oth sexes have a short, straight, black bill and a small white spot behind the eye. Males of the nominate subspecies are mostly shining green, with a buff belly spotted with green. The underwing coverts are cinnamon and show in flight. The central tail feathers are bronzy and the rest buff with bronze tips and edges. It has small white tufts on the legs. The nominate female has more buff on the underparts and the bronze of the tail is less extensive."

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