Monday, January 16, 2023

Ford Park, Redlands - California

Ford Park in Redlands, California, near the I-10 and Ford Street, is 27 acres and has two ponds. Recent improvements at a Community Day of Service included improving an island in the upper pond and building a bridge to it. At the Community Day of Service I was surprised to see wild ducks in the upper pond. I'd always remembered what appeared to be mallard ducks or genetic variations of them. 

As a result, I've decided I need to go occasionally and see what kinds of varieties of ducks and other birds I might find there. The two species I've seen there, American wigeons and ring-necked ducks, were ducks I was not seeing at many other venues. So it was a real treat to see them up-close in these small ponds.

Here are my photos so far:
Ring-necked duck (female)

American wigeon (female)

American wigeon (male)

Ring-necked duck (male)

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  1. I love the male ring-necked duck. The white pattern on his bill is so unique.