Saturday, February 15, 2020

Food of the Tang Dynasty Show - Xian, China

One evening in Xian, China we attended the Tang Dynasty Dinner and Cultural Show. I'm not generally very fond of these sorts of things, but we did get a variety of food, even if it was not of the best quality. 
The pearls of Cathay: chicken fillet with steamed dumpling and salad.
Royal Marriage: black mushroom consomme.
Heart of the Dragon: King prawn and fish with honey glazed cashew nut.
Princess's Pin: sauteed fillet of beef in sweet and sour sauce with garden vegetables fried rice. 
The unwrapped fillet of beef.
Willow's Melody: orange sago surprise
After Dinner Delight: assorted ancient imperial "dim sum."
The show was also quite spectacular, even if it did get a bit monotonous. 

We were on the first or second row and had a great view of the show.

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  1. Lots of variety all the way around--food and costumes. I think this was one of the better "dinner shows" we have been to.