Sunday, October 27, 2019

Little Missouri Saloon and Dining Room - Medora, ND

As we traveled in North Dakota and saw bison in both the North and South Units of Theodore Roosevelt NP, we started thinking about eating bison, something we love. Judy went on-line and looked up the best places to eat bison in North Dakota. Onlyinyourstate gave the seven best places to eat bison in North Dakota, one of which included Pirogue Grille in Bismarck where we'd already eaten and Little Missouri Saloon and Dining Room in Medora which was near Theodore's Dining Room in Medora where we'd also eaten. Trip Advisor gave mixed reviews, including very slow service, but we decided to try it. 
It was quite crowded and it took awhile to get a waiter's attention and a menu. The atmosphere is very old west saloon, including bordello red wallpaper, and money and cowboy hats hanging from the rafters and posts. Also, tv screens with sports going, not so old west, but definitely bar atmosphere. 

I got a couple of appetizers. One was fried pickles and the other was fried jalapenos. Both were very heavily breaded. Neither were great, but the jalapenos were better than the pickles. 
Fried pickles - way too much coating.
Fried jalapenos.
We both ordered bison ribeyes, medium rare. I got onion rings with my ribeye instead of fries and the onion rings were very large and very breaded with a thick coating, much like the two appetizers. 
I thought my ribeye was pretty good, but Judy was much less enthusiastic. Mine was more rare than hers, which I think made a difference. 

Afterwards, I think we both wish we'd gone down the road to Theodore's Dining Room and tried the bison there. The setting is nicer and the food we tried there was of a higher quality. 

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  1. Yeah, not impressed by the food, but VERY impressed by the number of $1 bills hanging from the ceiling. I read about another place that did that and every few years they take them all done and make a sizable donation to charity.