Sunday, November 18, 2018

Zebra Grilled on a Spit

Before going to Southern Africa I'd had zebra once before. It was a ribeye and looked beautiful, but once cooked I found it stiff, chewy and with a strong and unappealing taste. 
Zebra ribeye
Grilled zebra ribeye
So as we visited Southern Africa I was hoping to get another chance to try zebra, but without any expectation it would be any better. 
A Burchell's zebra in Etosha NP in Namibia. Burchell's zebra is the only zebra that can be sold for meat in South Africa. 
So I was more than pleasantly surprised when we visited Carnivore Restaurant outside Johannesburg, South Africa and they were serving zebra on the spits that they carry around to the tables. I got a slice, expecting to have the same experience, and was completely startled at how good it was. It got a nice rare slice, and found it savory and pleasing, without any gaminess at all. Judy concurred.  
Zebra is at the back. The lighting was bad at Carnivore and so my pictures are lacking. 
The next time the zebra came around I get several more slices. It was my favorite of the meats we tasted that night.  


  1. Do you know if zebras are farm-raised in South Africa? I am surprised that one of the antelope species isn't sold as meat.

    1. It is farm raised to the extent it is raised on game ranches. But it is not raised in feed lots like cattle.