Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Cape Fox

In Etosha NP in Namibia we took a three hour night drive. I think the animal we saw the most of was the Cape fox. I was not able to get any pictures of them because of the dark, so I have borrowed some for this post. What we saw that night didn't really look like these. The ones we saw had shiny eyes and no color to them - they were just dark forms moving in the dark. 
Cape fox photo from Wikipedia.
The Cape fox, also known as the cama fox or silver-backed fox, has black or silver gray fur with flanks and underside of light yellow. The tip of the tail is black. It is found in most of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and a tiny portion of Angola. 
It is nocturnal and most active just before dawn or after dusk. It is often mistaken for a jackal. 

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  1. I hadn't realized it had such a bushy tail. It's gorgeous but seems disproportionate to its body.