Thursday, August 30, 2018

Southern Warthog

The common warthog (Phacocoerus africanus) has four subspecies: (1) the Nolan warthog (P. a. africanus); (2) Eritrean warthog (P. a. aeliani); (3) Central African warthog (P. a. massaicus), which we saw four years ago in Kenya and Tanzania; and (4) southern warthog (P. a. sundevallii), which we recently saw in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. 

On our drive to Etosha NP in Namibia we drove through a lengthy area with regular signs warning to watch-out for warthogs. We did see several warthogs crossing the road during that stretch, but were unable to get photos of them. 
Warthog sign in Namibia.
In Botswana, while staying at Kadizora Camp in the Okavanga Delta, we encountered a sounder (yes, that is what a group is called) of warthogs, 5, 6 or more, about 20 yards from our tent. We were a little tentative, not knowing if they could be aggressive or not and they were right next to the trail we needed to take. They did scatter, piecemeal, and we got some poor pictures of them. 
Warthogs near Kadizora Camp

A warthog seen while on a driving safari.
In Hwange NP in Zimbabwe we had warthogs visit the waterhole at The Hide where we were staying. Those were the best photos I got, though none are great. 
Near the waterhole at The Hide.

They are ugly, but not nearly as ugly as the Central African warthog. 

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  1. Their bodies look like donkey bodies and their over-sized heads and necks look like nothing else that I can think of.