Tuesday, August 28, 2018

African Great Egret

There are four subspecies of the great egret, also known as the great white egret, great white heron and common egret (Ardea alba): (1) American great egret (A. a. egretta), found in Southern Canada south to Tierra del Fuego and the West Indies; (2) African great egret (A. a. melanorhynchos), found in Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar; (3) Eurasian great egret (A. a. alba), found in central Europe to central Asia, south to Iran; and (4) Australasian great egret (A. a. modesta), found in southern and eastern Asia to Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. 
I've seen the American great egret a number of times in Florida and recently we just saw an African great egret in the Okavanga Delta of Botswana. 

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