Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Northern Pig-Tailed Macaque

The northern pig-tailed macaque, also known as the Burmese pig-tailed macaque, is found in Thailand, Myanmar, southern Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China (Yunnan), eastern Bangladesh and India. It has a short, pig-like tail, that it carries in an erect backward arch over the back, with the tip partially resting on the rump. The tip of the tail has a tuft of hair. It has a uniformly golden-brown coat with a brown triangular crown, buff-colored cheek whiskers and a red streak extending from the outer corner of each eye. When we visited Thailand in 2007, we visited a little monkey facility near Chiang Mai which had several of these monkeys on leash entertaining patrons. 
I love this picture of Judy with a macaque.

Having bugs picked out of my hair - I was worried that I was getting begs by having it perched on my shoulder.
The younger macaque has a shorter tail than the adults.
Red streaks are barely visible from the corner of each eye. I've seen pictures where this is significantly more pronounced, perhaps becoming more pronounced with age. Also note the brown crown. 
An even younger macaque.

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  1. Everyone should have the experience of holding a monkey at least once in life. It reminded me of the children's book Curious George.