Friday, November 24, 2017

Mado Cafe - Baku

Our guide, Yalchin, gave us directions to walk from our J.W. Marriott Hotel in Baku to Mado Cafe. Baku was the most European of the cities we visited and the 15 minute walk could have been through any European city. 

This was the morning after our evening drive up to the Flaming Towers and our night view of Baku Harbor on the Caspian Sea. We were walking toward that promontory above and I imagined where we were from my looking the night before. 
Baku Harbor. Our hotel was toward the upper end among the tall buildings near the waterfront. Mado was among the city visible to the middle left. 
The Flaming Towers, shaped like fire and the color of fire - representative of Baku's history of fire and Zoroastrianism. 
The Flaming Towers change colors, here red, green and blue. 
Mado Cafe is a goodly part French dessert and then whatever else. Like many French desserts anywhere but France, it looks better than it tastes. 
I viewed the glass cases of French pastries and picked one with glazed kiwi, pineapple and cherry on top, with a layered Napoleon-like filling. Oh to be in France and to have it taste French, not just look French. 
So much potential.
We had another variation of baklava, one of many in Baku. Still not up to Istanbul standards, but pretty close. Very moist and full of honey, and of course, with pistachio on top.
The picture in the menu of skillet lamb sausage and eggs looked better than the 3-D version. It was over-cooked and dry. Great concept, poor delivery. I liked the presentation of the skillet holding the fried goods.
Judy got a cafeteria style plate with an olive sampler, some fruits, cheeses, a soft-boiled egg and some veggies. 
We ordered orange juice and got apple juice. Frothy and not bad. 
Azeri bread was the most European and best bread of Central Asia. 

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  1. Yeah, it was all atmosphere and mediocre food. But the outdoor dining atmosphere WAS great.