Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vervet Monkey - Caribbean

Several years ago we encountered vervet monkeys in East Africa. We recently encountered them again in the Caribbean. The monkeys are not indigenous to the Caribbean, but were transported there by slave traders centuries ago and they have found a home on the islands of St. Kitts, Nevis, Barbados, Anguilla and Sint Maarten. 

On St. Kitts, after visiting the Brimstone Hill Fortress, we were going down a road through a forested area and encountered a troop of monkeys walking down the road. They quickly scattered on either side and we spent several minutes watching them. I got a few pictures, none of them great. 
Vervet monkeys near Brimstone Hill Fortress.
This would have been a better picture, but was focused improperly. 
Earlier in the day while visiting Romney Manor and the Wingfield Estate, several men were each carrying baby monkeys in diapers. Judy posed with one for a few pictures. 
Judy holding a vervet monkey.
We also visited Barbados, but limited our activities to the ocean and Bridgetown. However, the cruiseport had monkey murals on the walls and we found water color paintings of them in a local art gallery, all testaments to their popularity, even though authorities view them as an invasive species and are trying to eliminate them. In fact, they eat them in St. Kitts. They call it tree mutton or monkey stew.  
Barbados Cruise Terminal


  1. I thought about smuggling this cute little guy home in my shoulder bag, but I'm guessing he woke wreak havoc in our house.

  2. The monkeys in the tree were so skittish, I was surprised by the tame, diapered version.