Sunday, December 25, 2016

Horseback Riding and Dairy Keen - Heber Valley

I had an opportunity to fly to Utah and to spend part of a day with my grandgirls and wanted to do something memorable. So I arranged for some horseback riding with Rocky Mountain Outfitters located at the Soldier Hollow Stables near Midway. We learned how to ride a horse and then spent about 45 minutes actually riding. 
Bug, Squirrel and Papa
The sun is kind of engulfing Squirrel, but otherwise a nice picture. 
Getting ready to ride.
The girls were up at the front with our guide and I was the caboose.
Some beautiful scenery.

Afterwards we drove to Dairy Keen - Home of the Train in Heber where we had lunch and rode on the outside toy train and watched a small train circle a track above our heads inside. The food is just okay, but they've got the kid thing wired - free helium balloons and trains everywhere. 
A small train with lunch tables sits out front. 
The train is more fun than the food.
Fish sandwich
Onion rings
Cute grandgirls
I don't think I would go back on my own, but its a no-brainer with the grandgirls. Dairy Keen was busy, very busy. 

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  1. Their excited smiles say it all. Papa of the Year Award to you!