Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mountain Goat - Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

During a boat ride in Kenai Fjords NP outside Seward, Alaska, one of the passengers spotted a mother mountain goat and her kid on a steep mountainside rimming Resurrection Bay. 
The boat ventured nearer the cliff so that we could get a better look. These were the only wild mountain goats we saw in Alaska. I was surprised to learn that mountain goats are not found as far north as Denali NP, country that seems perfect for them. Their range starts south of Anchorage, just north of Turnagain Arm, and of course further south into the Kenai Peninsula. It is amazing to see the innate ability of the kid to traverse the steep rock. 
These goats are not as pristine as those I've seen in Utah and Colorado. They look a little smudged up.
I'm a little envious of the lack of fear the mountain goats have on this treacherous mountainside. 


  1. I wish my eyes had been as strong as your telephoto lens. Bears, seals, sheep, goats--it's always fun to see a mom and baby.

  2. I've always wonder why they choose to live on such steep mountain areas. I wonder how quickly babies learn to negotiate the rocks.