Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wild Boar Bacon

I recently read the book, Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer, and after learning about the horrible conditions that chickens, cows and pigs are raised in and the antibiotics that they are fed, I have decided to avoid meat, for the most part, unless I can determine that the animal was raised in humane conditions and free of antibiotics. 

I've found that wild boar is particularly good. As a wild animal it has lived a humane life and it has eaten healthy and is much leaner than its farm-raised cousin. So I recently stocked up on wild boar products from Exotic Meat Market
I was particularly anxious to try wild boar bacon, something I've not eaten previously. It came in a very long, solid slab. One side of the slab was covered with a thin layer of fat and the other side had ridges that resembled sausages or ribs. 

I got an electric knife and proceeded to cut the bacon into thin strips and stacked the strips on a plate. 
In the last several days I've used it in a crockpot recipe for snapping turtle stew and this past Sunday I had bacon and eggs, using eggs given to us by our friend Jerry from chickens he raises in his yard. The beautiful orange yolks of the eggs melded perfectly with the nicely fried bacon. The wild boar bacon is a little tougher and much leaner than regular bacon, but the flavor is much richer and stronger. I much prefer it to regular bacon. 

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