Saturday, March 3, 2012

Taqueria Los Portillos: San Antonio

Shortly after an early morning visit to Mission San Juan Capistrano, Judy and I stopped for breakfast at a small Mexican restaurant known as Taqueria Los Portillos located at 8750 S. Presa Street in San Antonio, TX 78225, 
just a quarter mile from the mission. It appears to be a family owned business and ended up being one of the most enjoyable meals of our trip. They had a taco special with a great variety of combinations. 
We ended up trying five different types of taco for $1.20 each, an amazing deal. We initially ordered two each, all on homemade flour tortillas. Judy got bean and chorizo,
which was good but my least favorite, too beany, and country a la Mexicana, 
which had ham, onions, peppers and tomatoes and was very good, probably my second favorite. I got chorizo and egg 
and chicharron with egg which was my favorite. 
I've only had chicharron a few times and I'm learning to really enjoy it. The kind I've had is the skin and some lean meat from a pig, seasoned and deep fried. It almost has the quality of freeze dried food, kind of a dry, styrofoam texture. Having it in the egg mixture with some onions and fried peppers moistened it up and it really was a grand combination. It was my favorite of our tacos. We decided we needed one more taco to share, so we got one on a corn tortilla with bean and potato. 
After biting into this, we both kicked ourselves for not having ordered corn tortillas on our prior four tacos. The flour tortillas were good, but these homemade corn tortillas were as good as any I've ever had. They were moist, thick and flavorful. The beans had a nice taste, but the potato was not my favorite ingredient. I added in lots of the homemade salsa, which was runny, but had a nice kick to it. This was a nice example of taking a chance on a little local dive and hitting a homerun. If this place was in Redlands, I would be a regular. 

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