Saturday, September 25, 2010

WWC: 1938 Eagle Scout

My father, William W. Cannon (Bill), got his Eagle award in 1938 at age 13.
My understanding is that he was one of the youngest Eagle Scouts in Salt Lake at the time he got it. Below, with his mother and father, Luella Wareing Cannon and Edwin Q. Cannon.
From his merit badge sash,
it appears that he got 40 merit badges, many of which are no longer in existence. 
 The merit badges above are Bugling, Interpreting [created in 1911 and discontinued in 1952, merged into World Brotherhood], Business [created in 1911 and discontinued in 1966, replaced by American Business in 1966 and Entrepreneurship in 1998], Textiles [created in 1927 and changed to Textile in 1972], Dramatics [created in 1932, replaced by Theater in 1966], Painting, Handicraft [created in 1911 and replaced by Home Repairs in 1942], Mechanical Drawing [created in 1933, replaced by Drafting in 1964], Surveying, Nature, Hiking and Beef Production [created in 1928 and discontinued in 1975, replaced by Animal Science].
The merit badges above are Printing [created in 1911 and discontinued in 1981, replaced by Printing/Communication], Horsemanship, Metalwork, Physical Development [created in 1914, replaced by Personal Fitness in 1952], Stamp Collecting, Reptile Study [replaced by Reptile and Amphibian Study in 1993], Animal Industry [created in 1928 and discontinued in 1975, replaced by Animal Science], Safety, Carpentry [created in 1911 and discontinued in 1952] and Public Health.
The merit badges above are Swimming, Lifesaving, Firemanship [changed to Fire Safety in 1995], Personal Health [changed to Personal Fitness in 1952], Pathfinding [created in 1911 and discontinued in 1952], Athletics, Bookbinding [created in 1927 and discontinued in 1987, merged into Graphic Arts], Bird Study, Woodwork, Cooking, Civics [created in 1911, renamed Citizenship in 1946, then replaced by (a) Citizenship in the Home, which was replaced by Family Life in 1992, (b) Citizenship in the Community, (c) Citizenship in the Nation, (d) Citizenship in the World and (e) World Brotherhood in 1951] and First Aid.
The merit badges above are Reading, Camping, First Aid to Animals [created in 1911 and changed to Veterinary Science in 1972 and renamed Veterinary Medicine in 1995], Pioneering, Conservation [created in 1911 and discontinued in 1952 for Wildlife Management and then Conservation of Natural Resources in 1966] and Scholarship. Following the merit badges are patches signifying rank advancements.

My older siblings, Michael, David and Layne all got their Eagle awards as well and we have a great picture of them with Dad in their scout uniforms. I broke the string with a not-very-steller five merit badges and I'm sure this was a disappointment to my Father. My much younger brother, Matt, also got his Eagle. I was later a scoutmaster for a year and my sons, Sam and Andrew, got their Eagles.


  1. Interesting post. You might be interested to know that Bugling that was part of the music badge has just been separated out again into it's own merit badge. Also Pathfinding and Carpentry are temporarily back this year as part of the BSA 100 year celebration.

  2. Great pic with Grandad and his parents.